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Sealed By George Berryman - DVD

Want to perform one of the most outstanding yet simple effects there is? Sealed is the answer.

Established magician George Berryman has brought together techniques so that a card can be selected by the spectator, seen, and returned to a deck.

At this point, an additional deck of cards is introduced. This one however remains in the plastic wrapper, and can be given to the spectator to be thoroughly examined. It can be then left to them to open. It is then found that there is one card reversed in the deck - this is shown to be the spectator's chosen card.

This sensational effect can be self-working, and takes moments to learn and perfect.

It can be performed by anyone of any skill level.

Safety Note: This DVD explains how to prepare a normal pack of playing cards. A knife or blade is required for this, so adult supervision is required for young people.

"A very powerful effect with such a killer ending. Would really work well in a cabaret act".
Dean Leavy , Magic Circle?s Young Magician of the Year, 2017.

"Beautifully simple in plot and method. When I first saw this, it fried me, you fiend!"
Oliver Tabor, Magician, FISM Runner-Up 2017.

Price: 14.00