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H2Oil By Daniel Young and Davenports Magic

Here you have Daniel Young’s take on the classic Oil and Water plot.

Ever thought that Oil & Water routines were a bit boring? Did you think they lacked some visual elements? This is a super visual multi-phased Oil & Water routine. Just imagine seeing the cards mixed and then separate in front of your eyes.

This is the most visual Oil and Water routine to date, and, best of all, it’s easy to do! Virtually sleight free (well, one Ghost Count by Alex Elmsley). There’s no reset and no need for a table, it can be done in THEIR hands, which probably makes this the most workable and commercial Oil & Water to date as well.

Includes gimmicked card and DVD.

You would also require a red backed bicycle deck (not supplied).

Some Quotes:

“Daniel has just released Open Dreams and H2Oil and I’m glad he has. Both fooled my badly; and it’s not often I get badly fooled. I like the ‘twist’ to Open Prediction (Open Dreams) and I love the penultimate phase of H2Oil. Very puzzling! On a side note I’ve known Daniel for some time and he has a rare quality in this racket; he has bucket loads of ‘likeability’ which is, in my honest opinion, pivotal.” – Paul Gordon

“A beautifully constructed Oil and Water routine, with some nice visual moments, which makes it different from any other version I’ve seen. And I did not see that kicker ending coming!” – Stephen Leathwaite

Price: 19.00


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