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The Complete Introduction to Card Magic - 2 DVD set

Newly released by Davenports Magic, and based on our extensive experience of teaching card magic to beginners, this two DVD disc set introduces the basic sleights and tricks of card magic.

The DVDs do not assume any prior knowledge, and teaches both sleights, easy tricks as well as some tricks that will take a little more practice.

From how to hold the deck, to forces, cuts, controls, this set gives the absolute essential knowledge to progress to more advanved material.

There are 12 tricks, plus 16 moves described:


Mechanic's Grip
Biddle Grip
Overhand Shuffle
Swing Cut
Jog Shuffle
Pinkie Break
Thumb Break
Double Undercut
Double Lift
Braue Reversal
Multiple Cut Control
Key Card Principle
Cut Deeper Force
Cross Cut Force
Hindu Shuffle Force


Gemini Twins
Psychic Reading
Spectator Cuts the Aces
Card Prediction
Pseudo Mind Reading
Spectator Card Stab
Throw Sandwich
Easy Ace Assembly
Card Reverse
Chicago Opener


Price: 19.00