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Dr. Jacks Four Blacks

Now printed on high quality art board. This is not really a Roy Walton effect, but Roy has re-routined the original and brought it up to date in his own inimitable style. This extremely clever idea is used to reveal a selected card in a most unusual manner. Four black pieces of card are shown to be completely black on all sides. A card is now selected from a regular deck. You now ask the spectator to choose any two of the four black cards, these you hand to him and place the other two away. He is now asked to concentrate on his selected card. After a few seconds he is asked to separate the two cards he is holding and there printed on the surface of one of the cards is the card that he selected. Everything seems to happen in the spectator's hands. The cards can all be examined and only four are used. You will find this an ideal pocket trick and is easy to do

Price: 7.00