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Willane's Complete Methods for Miracles

Edited by Ray Hammond. Highly recommended by independant reviews in the "Genii" and "Linking Ring" and referred to as one of the best buys of the decade this magnificently illustrated manual of manipulation and general magic includes gems by some of magic's greats including Edward Victor, N'Gai, Gus Southall, Edward G. Brown, Peter Warlock, Fabian and Willane.

Expert Manipulation of Playing Cards

By Lewis Ganson. Also includes "Exhibition Card Fans" We believe this work to be one of the very best on the subject of classic card manipulation, including as it does a comprehensive section on card fans, techniques and methods rarely seen or used today.


By Theo Annemann. Probably the most complete work on how to force a card. Annemann admits that after compiling 150 he struggled so he enlisted the help of his good friend Jean Hugard to help him out.

Odin Rings

By Victor Farelli, Nobody knows how old the Chinese Rings are as a magical routine but certainly they were performed in China several centuries ago and are still performed and amaze audiences today.

Mental Bargain Effects

By Theo Annemann. Eleven miracles of Mentalism including Diabolo Pellet Reading, The Modern Mind Reader, Psychic Writing, Mental Masterpiece, New Double Telepathy Routine, Eyes of the Unknown, 30th. Century Television, Coincidence, Penetrating Vision, Impromptu Mind Reader and Get It! Soft Back, A5 size, 24 pages, on quality art paper will illustrations.


A Davenport exclusive and one of the most baffling effects in the history of card magic and it is really weird yet so simple to perform. A single playing card defies all the known laws of logic. The card is folded in half lengthways, so that only the back design shows....

En Rapport

By Theo Annemann. A complete, routined act of telepathy, mind reading and clairvoyance, designed for two people, and can be presented before the most critical audience. The minimum of preparation is necessary for the maximum of effect. The programme will run approximately 30 minutes but can be shortened if required. A5 size, 19 pages, soft back.

The Davenport Story - Volume 1 - Book

The Life and Times of a Magical Family 1881-1939 Davenports reveal in spectacular detail, secrets gathered over 110 years as dealers, performers and hoarders of magical memorabilia.

The Davenport Story Vol 2 - Lost Legends

Volume Two 'The Lost Legends' Robert Harbin, Edward Victor, G. W. Hunter. Edited by Fergus Roy The second volume , The Lost Legends in The Davenport Story series unveils three hitherto unpublished works by eminent authors who were close personal friends of the family. These works were only recently discovered during research for this series.

Davenport Story Vol 3

The Life and Times of a Magical Family 1939-2010 The second volume of the Davenport family's story starts where it could have ended with World War II. Conscription, bombings, crippling shortages and the real threat of invasion all conspired to end the family's dreams of continuing with the business they loved. Dame Fortune chose one man to pull the company through those testing years. That man was Gilly Davenport, and the story recounts how he overcame the horrors of the war, government bureaucracy and restrictions to ensure the businesses survived yet at the same time cared for the family

The Davenport Story - Volume 4 - Book

The final volume and climax of this universally acclaimed series. This is the amazing story of Will Goldston, one of the most influential magicians of the last century, gathered from thousands of documents acquired by the Davenport family in 1949.

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