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Mini Linking Rings and DVD

Suitable for a complete beginner, this new DVD, produced by Davenports Magic is designed to explain the basic techniques and routines for this classic trick.

Introduction to Close-Up Magic - 2 DVD disk set

Davenports have selected a number of effects that use easily available objects, such as bank notes, coins, rubber bands, cards, salt & pepper sachets, rings, dice etc. Each trick is explained in detail, together with varios tips and ideas for presentation. This two dvd disk set is aimed at those with no previous magical experience, and are looking for some quick and easy tricks to perform.

The Complete Introduction to Card Magic - 2 DVD set

The DVDs do not assume any prior knowledge, and teaches both sleights, easy tricks as well as some tricks that will take a little more practice. From how to hold the deck, to forces, cuts, controls, this set gives the absolute essential knowledge to progress to more advanved material. There are 12 tricks, plus 16 moves described:

Open Dreams by Daniel Young and Davenports Magic

In Open Dreams, Daniel Young has combined the Open Prediction Effect with a meaningful presentation, that not only makes it extremely easy to perform, but also highly deceptive and with a double climax, that has never been seen in an effect of this kind.

Full Beginner Magic Course (adult)

The course is aimed at those looking to gain a good working knowledge of the fundamentals of magic. We will be teaching the technical, presentation and misdirection techniques that are important for all types and levels of magic. The course will include card, coin, sponge balls plus the classics of cups & balls, as well as other aspects of sleight-of-hand. The important aspects of presentation and misdirection will also be introduced and developed throught the course.

Magic Workshop for Children

We offer monthly days of magic where the children can learn some effective yet simple tricks, as well as have time to ask questions, practice, chat and even perform if they wish.

Svengali Deck and DVD set

The Svengali deck is a versatile and easy to perform trick set of playing cards. With this set you will receive a DVD with eight different routines that will take very little practice to master. Produced by Davenports, the DVD is a step by step guide on the setup, handling and performance of this incredible effect.

The Professor's Nightmare (Unequal Ropes) - DVD and ropes

This is a true classic of magic, performed by professionals and beginners alike. The effect is that three unequal pieces of rope are gathered together, pulled, and made to be all the same length. Then, as a bonus routine, the three equal pieces of rope are made into one single piece.

Sponge Ball Magic - Box set

This box contains all you will need to master five easy, yet professional magic tricks with sponge balls. No experience is needed, suitable for ages 8 to adult. Also taught are techniques that you can use to invent your own sponge ball magic routines.

Gozinta Boxes - Ultimate

This is a very impressive, yet easy to perform routine that combines a number of different magical principles.

Beginner Cups and Balls - Props and DVD set

This is the classic of all magic tricks. Included in this set are the three chrome plated plastic cups, the balls and the DVD.

Davenports Beginner Bundle - standard

We have put together a selection of our own DVDs and tricks that are suitable for someone just starting off in magic. They include card magic, levitations, general close-up, resturant, rope, rubber bands plus much more.