Beginner Cups and Balls - Props and DVD set

This is the classic of all magic tricks. Included in this set are the three chrome plated plastic cups, the balls and the DVD.

The cups are 7cm high and 6.5cm wide, the balls are made from easy-grip red rubber.
DVD running time 36 mins.

The routine is designed for a beginner to the cups and balls, and introduces a basic self-working routine that does not require any sleight of hand. Also included on the DVD is a more advanced routine, with the basic moves, especially designed specifically for those starting off.

The basic effect is where the three cups and three balls are shown, a ball is placed on top of a cup, covered with the other cups, and then seen to penetrate the cup.

With the more advanced routine, the balls are individually placed under each cup, and are then found to have travelled to the centre cup. Then a single cup routine is described, where the ball repeatedly appears under the cup after having been placed in the magician's pocket or bag.

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