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by Lewis Ganson

For some years Davenports wished to reprint Lewis Ganson's "Expert Manipulation of Playing Cards" as we have long felt this work stood alongside the best ever written on the subject. Within the copy of the book, Lewis refers the reader to a book entitled "Exhibition Card Fans". Our feeling was that we should include the relevant parts of this long out-of-print book within this work to ensure that the information contained within the section on Card Fanning is as Lewis originally intended but to do this work justice we had to rephotograph the entire book. We believe this work to be one of the very best on the subject of classic card manipulation, including as it does a comprehensive section on card fans, techniques and methods rarely seen or used today.

Here are extracts from Paul Fleming's Review III regarding "Expert Manipulation of Playing Cards".

"We have no hesitancy in pronouncing it one of the very best discussions of back-hand card manipulation we have ever seen. So far as the material itself is concerned - and especially the section on back-palming - it is of so high an order that we can scarcely conceive of any card manipulator, whether expert or beginner, denying himself the pleasure and profit that a study of this book is sure to provide. Regarding the Card Fan sections. The instructions are so complete and so well illustrated that they should enable the would-be card-fanner, springer, spreader, and catcher to practice to his heart's content with every assurance of acquiring the desired skill."

Hard Bound with gold foil lettering, large format A4 size on quality paper, 121 pages and 269 illustrations.
Price: £22


The Complete Walton - Volume 1 By Roy Walton. One of the acclaimed classics of card magic for the advanced cardician with some 150 card effects with unprepared cards. Although a "self contained" volume of tricks and sleights it has the added bonus for those who are not familiar with a particular sleight of being able to move quickly to the special chapter dedicated to Sleights. This chapter describes how the author himself performs such sleights as The Multiple Shift, The Half Pass, The Weave Shuffle, The Monte Throw, The Turnover Pass, The Second Deal, The Bottom Deal, The Ghost and Jordan Count, The Hamman Count etc. etc. The author, Roy Walton, is one of Britain's most brilliant, creative and innovative card magicians. 226 pages, over 60 illustrations, hard back. Price £20

The Complete Walton - Volume 2 By Roy Walton. This volume follows the highly acclaimed first volume and comprises over 100 original sleights and effects. Davenports have ensured that Volume Two is a perfect match to Volume One and completes over 400 pages of some of the best card effects from a prodigious innovator. This volume has been superbly and comprehensively illustrated by Gordon Bruce one of Britain's most accomplished card conjurors. This work is directed towards the dedicated card magician with a knowledge of sleights and handling. 169 pages, fully illustrated, hard back with gold block titles. Price £20


Willane's Complete Methods for Miracles Edited by Rae Hammond. Highly recommended by independent rave reviews in the "GENII" and "LINKING RING" and referred to as one of the best buys of the decade this magnificently illustrated manual of manipulation and general magic includes gems by some of magic's greats including Edward Victor, N'Gai, Gus Southall, Edward G. Brown, Peter Warlock, Fabian and Willane. Supported by the most perfect hand drawings ever seen you will be captivated by the rope effects, card manipulations, coin moves and effects, mentalist effects, sponge ball routines, cups and balls, false counting of cards, eleven card effect, thimble manipulation, diminishing cards, and so much more. Rae Hammond has meticulously edited the original manuscripts, added the missing Methods for Miracles and added notes which bring the whole up-to-date including some excellent biographical notes on the authors. 246 large format pages, 340 illustrations, soft back. Price £13:50


Card Concepts By Arthur F. MacTier. Newly published by Davenports and already recognised as a major reference work for cardicians. The sub title of this work is "An Anthology of Numerical & Sequential Principles within Card Magic". A major and extremely important work where all of the classic mathematical principles, 31 in all, used with cards, together with 70 tricks using these principles are included in a novel way. Each principle is explained in easy-to-understand terms, then tricks involving the particular principle are explained in a step-by-step instruction. No book which covers these principles so comprehensively has been undertaken before. One does not need to be a mathematician to understand and use the principles involved as the author cleverly gives examples of how you can use the principles without knowing the maths behind them. The tricks are virtually self working yet they involve the best mathematical principles developed. Hard bound with gold block lettering, 301 pages, large format 8-1/4 by 11-1/2 inches.

Price £16


202 Methods of Forcing By Theo Annemann. Probably the most complete work on how to force a card. Annemann admits that after compiling 150 he struggled so he enlisted the help of his good friend Jean Hugard to help him out. Such is the demand for this work that we have now reprinted our original publication on high quality paper and with a quality artboard cover. This is without question a classic work for anyone looking for a variety of methods in which to force a card on someone. Soft back, A5 size, 47 pages. Price £3


Rainbow Cascade This is a COLOURFUL version of Roy Walton's original 'Cascade' where the original routine has been altered to incorporate brilliant colour changes from normal backed cards to quite stunning holographic material backed cards! To Terri Rogers must go the credit for the innovation of using cards with a special reflective material affixed which creates a stunning and totally unexpected finale. Taking these things into consideration ' Rainbow Cascade' has become substantially different in effect to the original and is now regarded as a classic in its own right. A degree of basic card skill is required for this effect but the instructions do give full details of the moves involved and these are readily acquired with a little practice. Note that this is an exclusive Davenport item. To see it ... is to buy it ... a miracle! Comes complete with a handsome 6 page, A5 size art paper booklet of instructions. with a distinctive blue art board cover, Bicycle cards. Price £7.50


Card Warp By Roy Walton A Davenport exclusive and one of the most baffling effects in the history of card magic and it is really weird yet so simple to perform. A single playing card defies all the known laws of logic. The card is folded in half lengthways, so that only the back design shows. The card is then pushed through a cardboard folder and as it emerges from the other side is seen to be now inexplicably face up! The spectators can visibly see that half the card is face up and the other half is face down. The effect is now repeated and the third sequence is an effective finale, that leaves the apparatus in the spectator's hands. The playing card is an ordinary one. No extra cards are used, nor are there any difficult sleights to perform and a patter theme about a 'Time Tunnel' would fit perfectly. The 8 page, A5 size booklet of instructions that accompanies the cards you need is superbly printed on high quality art paper and has a rich red art board cover. This is the original version.

Price £2.50



A numbered edition of the famous Demon Head which has been the logo of the House of Davenport since the mid 1920's. It was used by many companies during the early part of the century, but it was Davenports who used it to mark products which were either made by Davenports or were exclusive to the company. This specially commissioned statuette was designed by the renowned British artist Ray Bradbury and is fashioned and cast in solid English pewter. It stands about 4 inches high and comes in a lined presentation box. Each one is individually numbered and comes with its own certificate, personally signed by Betty Davenport, the current head of the family business.

Price £24




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