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Presents Cube Cards by Kev G

"A wonderful routine that's easy to do and excellent for table hopping"
- Takamiz Usui

"A logical and brilliant routine using only one cube that's perfect for close-up"
- Kieron Johnson

"If you want to make your audiences eyes pop out of their heads, you NEED this trick!"
- Mark Elsdon

Whether you're a beginner or an expert in Rubik's Cube Magic, Cube Cards is the ideal routine to add to your repertoire.

It's perfect for close-up or parlor as it connects with your audience, comes full circle and contains four eye popping moments of magic including matches, changes and solves!

You explain how many possible combinations the cube has as well as the World Championship competition and events held each year. Your spectators freely choose a Rubik's cube World Championship "challenge" card from a selection, which display different cube patterns.

The card is shown to you for ten seconds and you amazingly proceed to mix the cube matching it to the pattern selected.

Not only that, but you take their chosen challenge card and it visually changes to a solved image of a cube. You then turn over the other cards and they are also now showing solved cube images.

The cube is now the odd item not being solved so you shake it from side-to-side and it visually is solved - now everything matches and you take your applause!
Easy to learn routine
No memory work required
No real cube solving skills required - You do not need to know how to solve a Rubik's Cube
Examinable before and after
Quick reset and instant reset options
Only one ungimmicked speed cube required (not included - different cube types are discussed)
Bonus #1 - Additional "creative" cards and ideas included
Bonus #2 - Kev G's cube holder design explained
Custom "World Championship Challenge Cards" included and online tutorial

Price: 35.00