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Modern Intricacies 2 by Yoann

Yoann is back! 3 years after Modern Intricacies, Yoann is ready to share a new collection of his highly sought after tricks. In this DVD you will find some of the material that he has been using to fool magicians and laymen alike for the past years. The tricks range from intermediate to advanced card handling and all have one thing in common: your audiences will actually see the magic happen... in real time. So grab a deck of cards, warm up your hands and let's dive into the underground magic of Yoann.

Content: A collection of 12 new card tricks and some bonuses from the mind of Yoann

Tricks description:
Ambre: Witness a face up card going up a spread of 4 cards one step at a time
Decided: A minimalist variation of Yoann's famous undecided routine with new changes and a kicker ending
Direct: A really direct sandwich routine featuring a new opening sequence and a great load
Dooble: Two selections are found sandwiched by the four aces in a flowing flourish
Haircut: A clean transposition between 2 "four of a kind" with one of them isolated in the center of the deck
Jacklass: Yoann's take on Ernest Earick jack synapses
Solution: A nice solution to Hofsinzer's aces problem
Travesty: An ungimmicked visual transposition of two cards that will make you think you hallucinated
Welcome: A selected card travels invisibly between two pairs of cards... twice
Cardace: A magical production of the 4 aces using a selected card
Joker52: Have a card selected and use the jokers to find it... and more
Criminal: Watch closely as 2 jacks visually melt through the pack to find the selection
Language: English
Runtime: 70 minutes
Format: DVD-NTS-Worldwide

Price: 27.00