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Solomon's Secret Subtleties by David Solomon

Dave Solomon is one of the worlds leading thinkers on card magic. His books and DVDs have bought him international acclaim, and on this new DVD, it's clear to see why Dave is held in such high esteem.

All of these tricks will fool you.

From the self working to the technical, from the commercial workers to the magician foolers, and from the start to the finish, let Dave Solomon make you feel like a lay person, all over again.

Then, sit back and relax as Dave takes you through the workings of these fooling tricks, with in-depth explanations delivered through his casual, chatty style.

Solomon's Secret Subtleties will entertain you.. arm you with incredible magic... and teach you how to think like a master magician.

Grab a deck of cards and let's get started.

Spec Cuts Aces
Invisible Toss
Folding The Blanket
Jazz A234
The Magnetic Cards
Poker Aces
A Blah Day
Primitive Shufflebored
Successful Succession
Anytime Double Matcho
Gold From Straw
Reading The Tea Leaves


"This is a very nice DVD, showcasing David Solomon’s excellent card work."
Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant 3/16/2015 Full Review

"I'm certain that card aficionados will find items here that they will perform for real people, as well as a few with which they will tinker during some down time."
Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine 3/24/2015

"This DVD is an excellent source for those who wish to fool the knowledgeable with material that they think they already know. It seems to be designed for those who, like Dave Solomon, love card tricks."
John Wilson, Magic Magazine

Price: 25.00