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Multum Parvo - standardMultum Parvo - standard

Through this fabulous classic magic trick you will astound your audience by making the liquid contained in a huge glass fill a smaller glass and even fill a further smaller glass and a further smaller one until finishing with a very small glass from which you drink the liquid in it and offer this glass to the audience for them to have a look at it. Four (4) glasses of various sizes have been filled using the same quantity of liquid without a single missing or surplus drop!

An ideal magic for children Magic and adult magic.

Includes Bill Malone and Canki's ingenious idea to performer as MC or adult magic.

Big Capacity
4 Glasses made of Polycarbonate
They resist falls
Height of the tallest glass: 13 cm (5.2 inches)
Height of the smallest glass: 6.5 cm (2.6 inches)

Price: 59.00