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Compression by Daniel Lachman video DOWNLOADCompression by Daniel Lachman video DOWNLOAD
Visually Smash A Bic Pen Into One Half Its Original Size. No Switches. No Sleeves. End Clean. The compressed pen writes and is completely examinable. You can even give it away to a spectator to keep as a souvenir! They will find nothing because there is nothing. Keep this hard-hitting effect with you everywhere you go!

Extremely easy to master
Can be performed surrounded
Made in under 15 minutes
Resets in seconds
Can be given away as a souvenir
Compression is great for any performance setting and gets amazing reactions. The video consists of the following sections:

Demo Video with Live Performances
Simple Explanation
How To Make Compressio
Detailed Handling
Now with over fifteen minutes of Bonus Material:

Performance Tips
Performance Ideas
Special HandlingNOTE: For use with your own Bic Disposable 'White Barrel' Pens. Pens are not included with video.

Price: 19.50