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Cups & Balls Michael Ammar - #1 video DOWNLOADCups & Balls Michael Ammar - #1 video DOWNLOAD
The video format is absolutely perfect for learning the Cups & Balls. Get to the move you're looking for with just a simple click, advance or rewind, frame by frame, to see every subtlety and nuance. From building blocks to blueprints, you'll be able to construct any type of routine needed! Plus-three cameras watch from perfect angles showing the exact timing, techniques and misdirection needed for confident performing.
Volume One
Fundamental PropsDefinitions - Mouth, Top of the Cup, Nesting, Stacking, Holding Out, Fake Transfer, The Steal, Loading (Secret/Actual/ Fake), The Dirty Hand, The Clean Hand, The Inertia MoveBasic NestingThe Super Simple RoutineFundamental Skills #1 - ActingMethods of Holding OutFinger PalmThumb PalmClassic PalmBeginning SleightsThe Fake TransferThe French DropClassic PassThe Simple TransferMisdirecting by the WandSecretly Loading a Ball Into a CupFrom Finger PalmThumb PalmDirect from PalmThe Tip Over LoadLoading a Nested CupStealing from a Tabled CupTwo Finger StealSimply Holding InsideThe Two Finger Steal Out andSpin Around to Show EmptyStealing from Nested CupLittle Finger Retention/StealNesting Rolling StealFundamental Skills #2 - TimingFaking the LoadThe Scoop, The Scoop ClipThe Pinch Method,The Fake Roll OutCool Cup MovesPassing One Through AnotherWand Through CupShowing Inside Deeper Than OutsideShowing a Ball Inside an Empty CupRolling a CupPulling a Ball Up Through a CupThe Charlie Miller MoveThe Mendoza MoveClick MoveThe Flushtration CountThe Tip-Off or "Fako" MoveGalloping Post MoveThe Centrifugal MoveFundamental Skills #3 Routining2nd Level RoutineFundamental Skills #4 - MisdirectionThe 4 Ball, 3 Cup, 1 Final Load RoutineThe Impromptu Routine

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