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Extreme Possibilities - Volume 2 by R. Paul Wilson video DOWNLOADExtreme Possibilities - Volume 2 by R. Paul Wilson video DOWNLOAD
A collection of killer material from one of magic's most creative minds. These brand-new videos feature some of Paul's favorite close-up effects and stand-up routines. R. Paul Wilson's classical approach combines old and new methods to produce incredible magic for every situation and for every level of skill, from beginner to expert. Volume 2Tantalizer Too - A Royal Road classic is given a killer twist. Justify Me - A Collectors routine with a difference. Three selections trapped between four Jacks disappear and reappear amongst the Aces. Thinking It Over - A thoroughly baffling version of the Cards Across plot. A thought-of card vanishes from one packet and appears in the other. Thief Of Hearts - Paul's Valentine card trick, perfect for couples. Matching The Cards - Paul's favourite card trick - a Dai Vernon classic, included at Louis Falanga's request. Wilson's Aces - Paul's magician-fooling version of the classic Ace assembly. Far Too Many Cards - A simple, entertaining effect for any occasion. A New Wave - Three coins appear, vanish and reappear without the need for expensive gaffs. Motel History - Paul's unique approach to the "Hotel Mystery." Simple and direct. Ricochet - Paul's famous version of the Reset plot. (Performance Only) Spectrum - Paul's powerful color-changing deck routine. (Performance Only) Running Time Approximately 105min

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