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Exploring Magical Presentations by Eugene Burger video DOWNLOADExploring Magical Presentations by Eugene Burger video DOWNLOAD
An intimate opportunity to learn from one of magic's greatest teachers, this video will help you think about your performing style, and grow as a magical presenter. We all know plenty of tricks, but how can we turn them into memorable magic? In this session, Eugene Burger explores that topic, and provides specific examples-including fully developed routines that you can adapt for your own performances. THE BLACK ENVELOPE VARIATIONS A classic (and amazing) prediction of a playing card, explained in detail with discussions of eight different presentational approaches, including: A DREAM OF YOU ´ THE DEATH CARD ´ THE GAMBLER'S FATE and Eugene's favorite, INEVITABILITY plus- FADING COINImagination becomes reality! Invented by Tomoyuki Takahashi, and taught with his kind permission, this astonishing routine is nearly impromptu, and truly astonishing. Eugene has invested a great amount of thought into getting the most impact out of his presentation, and now he shares it with you. plus- INVISIBILITY POWDERDiscover how a simple presentational premise can turn a good trick into great one. plus- OB-SER-VOInspired by a Robert Neale effect, this was developed as a "message" routine for corporate performances. Over time it has evolved into one of the strongest audience participation routines in the Burger repertoire. plus- OUT OF THIS WORLD Years of exploring countless versions of this Paul Curry classic have led to this approach. Eugene explains that journey. Problems are solved and strengths are emphasized, and the results are both practical and impressive.

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