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Gaffed Coins (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOADGaffed Coins (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD
In this volume, you'll discover the Copper/Silver/Brass and 2 Copper/1 Silver coin tricks, two of the most popular and ingenious gimmicked coin sets ever developed. You will learn some of the best handlings and routines for these popular gimmicked coin sets by some of their best exponents.You'll learn good, solid basic routines from David Roth and J.C. Wagner, along with additional handlings and ideas such as Doc Eason's "Miracle Move" and Scotty York's handling with absolutely no pocket work.DAVID ROTHCopper/Silver/Brass JC WAGNER2 Copper / 1 Silver (courtesy of Meir Yedid Magic) HARRY ALLEN2 Copper / 1 Silver SCOTTY YORKNumismatist (courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc.) DOC EASONCopper/Silver/Brass

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