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Secrets of Bird Magic Vol. 1 by Dave Womach Video DOWNLOADSecrets of Bird Magic Vol. 1 by Dave Womach Video DOWNLOAD
Secrets of Bird Magic Volume 1 features many new concepts with birds, including the exploding dove vanish, impromptu parakeet from Kleenex, and many, many more. Learn the beginning steps of how to train your parrot for a show. Everything you'll need to know to get your birds into your 1st show!

Amazing never before seen parakeet magic!
Including: Impromptu Parakeet From Kleenex!
Slow-Motion explanations on all dove techniques!
Featuring: The Exploding Dove Vanish!
Teach your parrot how to wave, shake its head, and perform a card trick!
How to safely train your parrot to get into a harness!Running Time Approximately: 1hr 10min

Price: 38.50