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Ultimate Impromptu Magic Vol 1 by Dan Harlan video DOWNLOADUltimate Impromptu Magic Vol 1 by Dan Harlan video DOWNLOAD
Dan will give you the ability to do miracles on the spur of the moment with whatever props happen to be available! Contents: Section 1 - Good With Your Hands The Long Arm; Knucklebuster; Badfinger; Little Thumbthing; Thumbwhere; Thumbalong; Two Left Hands Section 2 - No Match For You Traveling Match; Then There Were Nine; Make Ten; Mark Sicher's A Perfect Match; Penetrating Matches; Magnetic Match; Invisible Hangman; Al Koran's The Same Only Different Section 3 - Refrigerator Art Dan Harlan's Crayon - Eating Monster; Color Sense; Color Changing Crayon; Crayon Nail Writing Section 4 - Double Your Fun Aaron Fisher's Eleanor Wrigley; Aaron Fisher's Gum Together Section 5 - Safety First Piff Paff Poof; Ripping Good; Under Pressure

Price: 27.00