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Mindbogglers vol 4 by Dan Harlan video DOWNLOADMindbogglers vol 4 by Dan Harlan video DOWNLOAD
Finally, a complete explanation of the world's best swindles from the only grifter claiming to be a magician, belly dancer, floor gambler, frogwipe salesman, former racecar driver, brain surgeon and denture wearer - Dan Harlan! Mr. Harlan has spent over 50 of his 35 years of life learning, collecting and creating the cons used by the pros, and now he spills it all! If you've ever wanted to fleece your friends or pull the wool over some unsuspecting stranger's eyes, then get ready to shepherd the flock straight to the shearer. Everything's here: the most perplexing puzzles, the most outrageous boasts, the most preposterous propositions, the most cunning cons and sneaky scams, all presented in a completely natural, simulated, artificial environment. On this download, Harlan will teach you to: drop a paper match so it lands on its edge, make a penny walk out from under a glass, add 3 to 11 and get 2, say 1000 words without using the letter "a," stay under water for 5 minutes, lift a cube of ice with a piece of thread, float steel on water, make an egg jump from one shotglass to another, control your own pulse, and more! Don't believe it's possible? Wanna bet? Contents include:

Simple Answer
Edgy Match Martini
Zen Martini
Foxy Boxes
The Game of Nim
Cooking Nim
Five in a Row
Penny Under Glass
Moving Day
Short Stack
Take Your Time
No "A"
How Many?
And So Much More!

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