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Obscurities by Peter Duffie eBook DOWNLOAD Obscurities by Peter Duffie eBook DOWNLOAD

This new e-book is a collection of tricks that I published in various magazines and in books published by others. Now collected for the first time. These are not in any of my books or ebooks.

From the pages of: Linking Ring, Abracadabra, Griffin, Arcane, Magic magazine and other sources.

Blind Faith
Everywhere but Wrong!
Fantastic Voyage
King for a Day
Lie Witness
Lucky Ladies
The Outcast
Second Site
Shaken, but not stirred
Stebbins in my Ear
The Shy Card
Thighned, Thunked & Delivered
Twice Around the Block
Writing a Wrong
Pages: 43 - 8.25" x 11" - Hyperlinked. Fully Illustrated with color photographs. - PDF FORMAT

Price: 11.50