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Expert Manipulation of Playing CardsExpert Manipulation of Playing Cards
By Lewis Ganson. Also includes "Exhibition Card Fans" We believe this work to be one of the very best on the subject of classic card manipulation, including as it does a comprehensive section on card fans, techniques and methods rarely seen or used today. Here are a few extracts from Paul Fleming's Review. "We have no hesitancy in pronouncing it one of the very best discussions of back-hand card manipulation we have ever seen. If oneÕs knowledge of back-hand work and its possibilities were to be limited to a single source, we should be disposed to vote for Expert Manipulation of Playing Cards. The student is carried smoothly along from the simplest to the more complicated moves of this intricate sleight. To magicians who experience difficulty in building manipulative sleights into finished routines, the half-dozen pages of Section IV will be of much assistance. The author gives three complete series of manipulations, which are followed by several other suggestions for working oneÕs sleights into an effective "act". So far as the material itself is concerned - and especially the section on back-palming - it is of so high an order that we can scarcely conceive of any card manipulator, whether expert or beginner, denying himself the pleasure and profit that a study of this book is sure to provide. Regarding the Card Fan sections. The instructions are so complete and so well illustrated that they should enable the would-be card-fanner, springer, spreader, and catcher to practice to his heartÕs content with every assurance of acquiring the desired skill." Hard Bound with gold foil lettering, large format A4 size on quality paper, 121 pages and 269 illustrations.

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