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Harry Lorayne's Best Ever Collection DVD By Harry Lorayne Volume 2
Harry Lorayne's Best Ever Collection Volume 2
by Harry Lorayne

"Harry Lorayne is on the list of the 100 most influential magicians of the century. His videos are a delight...a significant contribution to the literature of close-up magic."
- Mike Close, Magic Magazine

It was a particular pleasure to watch Harry Lorayne work in front of, and handle, an audience. It’s true: When Harry Lorayne teaches on camera, it’s almost as if he’s sitting with you in your own living room, helping you, guiding you. It will be hard for you to decide which you enjoy more—the performances or his explanations.

As he teaches a particular routine, he also teaches each sleight, each move, the psychology, the attitude. Watching Harry Lorayne is watching impromptu close-up magic at its best.

Each and every effect, idea, routine in this entire series can be done with a borrowed deck of cards.

You’ll be thrilled by Harry Lorayne’s performing/teaching ability, by his judgment, selectivity, attention to detail. He never abandons you; whatever he teaches, he teaches thoroughly. He walks you through it hand in hand.

Be prepared to sit, watch, enjoy—and learn!

DVD 2 includes all the material originally found on VHS Volumes 4, 5 and 6.

Over 4 Hours of instruction!

Four Ace Opener
Spectator Locates an Ace
HaLo Aces Again
Estimation Aces (Ed Marlo, Paul Gordon)
Lorayne's Poker Deal #2
Voice Print (Robert Neale)
That's The Truth! (Peter Duffie)
Tally-Ho (Henry Christ)
Ultra Location Prediction
Ear It Is
Aces and Kings
Bicycle! (Peter Marshall; H. Lorayne)
The Sting (Walt Maddison; H. Lorayne)
One-Hand Coin Vanish
Vanishing Dust (Fred Baumann)
Dig This
Going Fishing
Simplicity Aces
Color-Changing Aces (J. Daley; H. Lorayne)
The Changeling
Spell All (Richard Vollmer; H. Lorayne
10-Card Poker Deal(Gardner, Vernon, Elliott, Lorayne)
Ultra Jokers (T. Noice, H. Lorayne)
Color Quickie
Out of This Universe
Lazy Man's Card Trick(Koran, Miller, Lorayne)
Impromptu Linking Card
Snappy Flush (Thompson, Lorayne)
Apex Aces (Ose, Braue, Garcia, Lorayne)
Running Time Approximately 4hr 12min

Price: 29.00