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Completing the Cut by Ryan Schlutz Completing the Cut by Ryan Schlutz

Ryan Schlutz is turning heads with his creative, thoughtful brand of card magic. We are pleased Ryan has worked with us on his first DVD collection, Completing the Cut. This DVD is full of deeply mysterious card effects that will amaze audiences, and utterly baffle even seasoned magicians.

For example, take "The Mayhew", an effect where a deck of cards attaches itself to your hands by apparent static charges. The presentation and method work together to amaze audiences thoroughly. Or "Symmetrical Matching," an effect that has fooled many expert magicians and received much praise online.

Completing the Cut is for the serious card enthusiast. It's Ryan working his magic, serving up devilishly clever miracles. But this isn't just a DVD: you even get some custom-made gimmicks to perform "The Mayhew."

Contents of Completing the Cut
The Mayhew
E.S. Location
Symmetrical Matching
Elementary Spoon Bend
When In Doubt, Read a Palm
Sprung Aces
Otto Aces
Black Hole Popout
S.G. Popout
Running Time Approximately: 95min

Contains custom-made gimmicks.

Price: 29.00