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Colour MonteColour Monte
By Jim Temple. Three Bicycle poker sized cards are shown ... two have a red spot on the face, one has a blue spot. You explain that this a gambling game. If you can find the blue spot you win a $1, if you're wrong, you lose a $1. You then tell your audience that you are going to show them how you were taken in a gambling game. You proceed to deal the cards - and you only have three but time after time as you deal them you are caught out for every time you think that you have say a red spot it turns out to be blue and vice versa. In the end you show that you have lost $14 and the audience suddenly have an ending presented to them that is totally magical and astonishing. A super effect. A basic sleight is required which is described in the instructions but it is not difficult to learn if you have not done sleights before. The cards required come in a nice little plastics wallet.

Price: 7.00