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Colour Changing Deck

This is another card trick that is very popular with our customers. You take a pack of cards and show that there are normal faces and say red backs. You now fan them face-up and ask a spectator to indicate any one card. There is no force. That card is now shuffled into the deck and the deck cut. A spectator is then asked to name his card and the colour of its back. He will naturally give the name of the card he chose and tell you it had of course a red back. You now turn the deck over, ribbon spread them on the table to reveal that all of the card backs are now blue backed except for one card that is red backed in the centre of the deck. The red card is turned over to reveal that it is their selected card and is now placed face-up on the table. As a killer blow you now turn the card over to show to blue and matches the rest of the deck which is blue! This is not self working and will require practice and a basic knowledge of card technique but the required moves are explained in the instructions. For those who would like to develop card technique then consideration should be given to our special video "An Introduction to Advanced Card Magic".

Price: 6.00