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Invisible Deck, Bicycle PokerInvisible Deck, Bicycle Poker
Complete with instructions written by World-class magician Daryl.

A spectator is given an invisible deck to shuffle. They are then asked to remove one card, look at it (in their imagination), reverse the card and then replace into the deck. The spectator gives the deck back to the magician, who returns it to their pocket. The magician then removes the deck from the pocket, which is now visible, asks the spectator to name the card they looked at. The magician. without any suspicious move, then spreads the cards to show the chosen card is reversed in the deck.

An all time classic of magic, can me performed by expert and beginner alike. Can also be used as a backup if you 'loose' a card in another routine you are performing.

Comes in red or blue backed poker sized Bicycle playing cards.

Price: 8.00