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Bar Magic By Doc Eason Vol 3, DVD Bar Magic By Doc Eason Vol 3, DVD
Volume Three
All Screwed Up—a hilarious opening trick using hardware!
Impossible Opener—a cornerstone of Doc’s act for over 15 years.
The Color-Changing Deck—the stunning version that gets ’em watching!
The Anniversary Waltz—the most commercial card trick ever devised.
Max Maven’s “Tearable”—visually stunning and designed to “work.”
The Cocktail Napkin Rose—worth the price of the video!
Copper/Silver/Brass Transposition—widely acclaimed as the definitive version.
The crowning piece—J.C. Wagner’s Card on the Ceiling, Doc’s closer for 20 years.
Larry West’s Bill Counting Trick— a long-standing undergound classic.

Price: 25.00